Laundry Services Right at Your Doorstep

Pick, order and enjoy laundry on-demand services from your smartphone

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Quality laundry shops now on your fingertips

With Beenatu, you can find nearest good quality laundry shops by the tips of your finger. You just need to pick laundry shop, order, and schedule your pick-up, and the laundry shop will come to your doorstep tu pick your laundry. You can enjoy your free time with anything else except doing laundry chores.

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Beenatu will provide nearest laundry shops complete with pricelist


Through Beenatu, you can order and schedule pick-up & delivery service directly from your mobile phone

Become More Productive

Become more productive by using your time doing laundry chores for something else

  • Provide Closest Laundry Shops

    Beenatu will show you closest laundry shops from your current position. Can't find closest laundry shops? Tell us, and we will expand Beenatu service to your location

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  • Pick Your Favourite Laundry Shops

    Pick best laundry shops according to your needs. You can check services and pricelist in laundry shop's profile

  • Rating & Review

    Find laundry base on other users review. Help other users by giving rating and review to laundry shops you've been trying

  • Progress Tracking & History

    Track your laundry progress and look back to your order history. Call laundry shops imediately if you found trouble with your clothes

Are You Laundry Shops Owner?

Reach New Market with Beenatu

Beenatu will display your laundry shops to nearest customer, and engage with market which you never reach before.

You just need to provide best pick up and delivery services and your profits will increase

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