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What is Beenatu?

Mobile Applications that Connect Laundry Shops with Customers

With Beenatu, customers can find laundry shops wherever you are. Customers can order your services directly from smartphone. Your market reach will be widen, engaged with more customers and your profits will be increased.

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Why You Have to Join Beenatu?

In the middle of fierce competition, mobile apps-based laundry shops start to show up answering customers need.
You obviously don't want to left behind! With Beenatu, your laundry shops can innovate using technology

Reach New Market

Reach new customers you have never been engage before. With new customers your profit will be increased

Marketing Effectivity

Online marketing become more effective since customers can order your laundry shop using smartphone

New Shop Become Easy

Start new shops never been as easy as get agents and receive order through Beenatu

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Free to Register

Beenatu only take commissions from the transactions you get through Beenatu, beside that Beenatu is free!


Beenatu's partners will be displayed with their own brand. Your brand will be spread more.

Easy Pick up and Delivery

Often confused with your customer's location? Beenatu provided GPS-based customer's location that you can use

  • Receive Orders From Mobile Phones

    Market your laundry shops and receive orders directly through Beenatu. You can accept or deny order using Beenatu from your mobile phone.

    Learn how to get orders through Beenatu

  • Process The Laundry

    Immediately pick up orders, no later than 1 hour from the scheduled time. Calculate the cost of services and then proccess the laundry.

    How to process pick up

  • Deliver Clean Clothes to Customer

    Send confirmation if the laundry is done. After you receive delivery schedule from customer, immediately deliver the clothes.

    How to process delivery

  • Reach New Market and Increase Profits

    Get payment from customer and increase your profits by engaging with more new customers you've never been able to reach before.

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Don't Know How to Use Beenatu and Serve Customers?

Don't worry, out team ready to help you.

Read this tutorial to learn how to use Beenatu, how to receive order, F.A.Q, and more tips and tricks.

Tutorial Beenatu